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Xpert Digital (XD) Wins Big at DigiBank Summit in Ethiopia, Recognized for Excellence in Digital Innovation

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaApril 24, 2024 – Xpert Digital (XD), a leading provider of digital banking solutions, has been awarded the prestigious Excellence in Digital Innovation Award at the DigiBank Summit held in Ethiopia. This recognition highlights Xpert Digital’s groundbreaking contributions to digital transformation initiatives across Africa’s banking sector.

Xpert Digital has been instrumental in empowering top-tier banks to realize their vision of offering exceptional banking experiences to their customers. By providing cutting-edge digital solutions, Xpert Digital has helped banks gain a significant competitive edge, accelerate the rollout of innovative digital products, and deliver a personalized omni-channel experience to their customers.

Xpert Digital’s commitment extends beyond just providing digital banking solutions. XD’s flagship product, Lendingworkx, offers a robust and modern digital lending solution to banks. Lendingworkx boasts over 29 loan products along with pre-built and pre-configured workflows, allowing banks to scale and implement digital lending at an unprecedented pace while increasing process efficiencies and decreasing disbursement times.

Shazia Hammad

"Winning this award is a humbling validation of our efforts and underscores a simple yet powerful objective: to ensure that every African citizen has access to a secure, efficient, and empowering digital banking experience. This award fuels our passion to keep pushing boundaries and making that vision a reality. The credit goes to our exceptional TeamXD whose expertise and innovative approach ensure the winning spree"

Shazia Hammad

CEO, Xpert Digital

About Xpert Digital (XD)

Xpert Digital (XD) is an award-winning digital banking services partner for the World’s #1 banking software company. XD helps banks transform their business digitally in record time to become digital leaders in their respective territories specializing in Retail, Corporate, and Digital Lending solutions.

With deployments in over 40 banks in 22 countries worldwide, XD empowers banks to deliver exceptional omni-channel digital experiences. XD has well-established Global Centers of Excellence (COEs) to offer on-site and offshore solutions to its global clientele through a 170+ team, operating from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE with regional offices in Muscat, Johannesburg, Karachi, Addis Ababa, Jakarta, Singapore, and Sydney.

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About DigiBank Summit

DigiBank Summit is the leading event series for the digital banking community in emerging markets. It features groundbreaking innovation, inspirational speakers, and a platform for re-imagining the future of banking. The summit attracts senior bank executives and leading tech providers from over 25 countries, who share insights and connections on topics such as financial inclusion, customer experience, FinTech collaboration, payments, and cybersecurity.

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