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Xpert Digital Honored as Global Leader in Digital Banking Transformation

Nairobi, Kenya, June 11, 2024 — Xpert Digital (XD), a leading provider of digital banking solutions, has been awarded the Global Leader in Digital Banking Transformation at the DigiBank Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. This prestigious award celebrates Xpert Digital’s groundbreaking innovations and contributions to the global banking industry.

This award highlights Xpert Digital’s outstanding success in empowering top-tier banks to offer seamless, personalized, and secure digital experiences to millions of users worldwide. Xpert Digital’s innovative solutions and deep understanding of the banking industry’s challenges have earned them the trust of banks seeking to thrive in the digital age.

Asif Sheikh,

Winning this award is an incredible feeling. It's a validation of our vision and a reflection of the trust our customers have placed in us. Our customers are witnessing unprecedented growth, increased efficiency, and a delighted customer base. This award energizes us to keep exploring new possibilities, forging stronger partnerships with our global customers, and creating impeccable digital solutions.

Asif Sheikh,

Executive Director of Xpert Digital

Shazia Hammad,

This award is a tremendous honor, and it fills us with immense pride. But for us, it's not just about the recognition; it's about the tangible difference we're making in the lives of millions of users. We are now witnessing firsthand how our solutions are empowering banks to deliver exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive financial inclusion. That's what truly motivates us to push boundaries and constantly innovate.

Shazia Hammad,

CEO of Xpert Digital

Xpert Digital’s groundbreaking suite of solutions has become the standard for banks worldwide. XD has successfully implemented numerous digital banking solutions that have significantly improved customer satisfaction for several top-tier banks globally. XD’s state-of-the-art digital lending solution, Lendingworkx, has proved to be a game-changer for the banking industry that focuses on simplifying loans, digitally.

With this latest accolade, Xpert Digital solidifies its position as the undisputed global leader of digital banking transformation.

About Xpert Digital (XD)

Xpert Digital (XD) is an ISO-certified, award-winning digital banking and digital lending implementation partner for global banks. With a proven track record of serving over 100 million users worldwide, XD has successfully implemented digital solutions for over 40 top-tier banks across 22 countries. XD takes pride in having a dedicated team of 200+ expert digital banking consultants, possessing deep expertise in Retail, Corporate, SME and Digital Lending solutions.

XD’s innovative and modern delivery methodology, digitalworkx©, is a proprietary and pre-built accelerator factory, designed to streamline the digital transformation process. This unique delivery methodology reduces risk, accelerates time-to-market by 50%, and ensures a seamless transition to a digital-first banking model.

With well-established Global Centers of Excellence (COEs), XD offers on-site and offshore solutions to its global clientele through a 220+ team, operating from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE with regional offices in Muscat, Johannesburg, Karachi, Addis Ababa, Jakarta, Singapore, and Sydney.

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About DigiBank Summit

DigiBank Summit is the leading event series for the digital banking community in emerging markets. It features groundbreaking innovation, inspirational speakers, and a platform for re-imagining the future of banking. The summit attracts senior bank executives and leading tech providers from over 25 countries, who share insights and connections on topics such as financial inclusion, customer experience, FinTech collaboration, payments, and cybersecurity.

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