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Cooperative Bank of Oromia (COOP) Goes Live on Temenos Infinity

Oromia, Ethiopia, Sep 26, 2023 -Cooperative Bank of Oromia, one of the most progressive banks in Ethiopia, has successfully gone live with its state-of-the-art retail banking solutions using Temenos Infinity. The launch is part of CBO’s digital transformation strategy to offer convenient, secure, and personalized services to its customers.

CBO’s digital transformation is powered by Xpert Digital, a global leader in providing digital banking solutions. Xpert Digital has fast-tracked Temenos Infinity implementation for CBO by deploying its cutting-edge business accelerator, Retailworkx. Retailworkx offers a rich set of features and functionalities that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of retail customers, such as account opening, bill payments, mobile top-ups, P2P Transfers, and much more.

In addition, Xpert Digital has deployed Ethiopiaworkx, its best-in-class Infinity country model banking solution, to further enhance and provide localized solution for the Ethiopian market. Ethiopiaworkx is a ready-to-use solution that incorporates the best practices and regulatory requirements of the Ethiopian banking industry, as well as the latest trends and innovations in digital banking.

The launch of a world-class retail banking solution marks a significant milestone for Cooperative Bank of Oromia in its digital transformation journey and will soon be made available to the public.

By offering innovative and differentiated services to its retail customers, Cooperative Bank of Oromia will be able to increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, as well as gain competitive edge in the rapidly evolving retail banking landscape.

Mr. Deribie Asfaw

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of digital banking services for our customers. This is a key step in our vision to empower our valued customers and strengthen our communities. We have chosen Temenos and Xpert Digital as our trusted partners to deliver state-of-the-art digital banking that offers convenience, security, and personalization. We believe that our digital transformation will bring a positive change for our customers, shareholders, and society,”

Mr. Deribie Asfaw

President, Cooperative Bank of Oromia.

Mr. Saad Lakhani

“Xpert Digital’s collaboration with Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) in its digital transformation journey has been truly inspiring. XD has leveraged its state-of-the-art digital banking expertise to provide a tailored and innovative solutions for CBO to fast-track Temenos Infinity implementation. We are confident that our digital banking solution will enable CBO to offer exceptional customer experiences and achieve business goals.,”

Mr. Saad Lakhani

Chief Digital Officer, Xpert Digital.

Mr. William Moroney

“Cooperative Bank of Oromia’s digital transformation is a remarkable step toward modernizing the Ethiopian banking industry. The seamless integration of Temenos Infinity showcases the bank’s dedication to providing a superior banking experience to its customers. This partnership sets a precedent for innovation and excellence in the region. We are excited to see how CBO’s pioneering approach will inspire other financial institutions in Ethiopia to accelerate their digital journeys with confidence,”

Mr. William Moroney

Managing Director – MEA, Temenos.

About Cooperative Bank of Oromia

Cooperative Bank of Oromia is one of the largest banks in Ethiopia, with a vision of becoming the leading private bank in the country by 2025. It offers a range of banking services to its customers, including retail, cooperative, institutional, diaspora, and interest-free banking. It also provides various digital banking solutions, such as mobile and SMS banking, online banking, card banking, and Coopay-Ebirr, a mobile financial service platform. Furthermore, Cooperative Bank of Oromia has achieved a pioneering status by introducing uncollateralized digital lending in Ethiopia through the launch of Michu Digital Lending. This is a significant milestone within the Ethiopian banking industry. The bank has more than 11 million customers worldwide and operates through a network of 747 branches and several agents across Ethiopia.

About Xpert Digital (XD)

Xpert Digital (XD) is a digital banking services & implementation partner of the World’s #1 banking software company Temenos and is a global leader for Temenos Infinity platform implementations. XD has one of the biggest Temenos Infinity team of technical consultants and our digital banking knowledge & experience is unrivalled in the market. With deployments in over 30 banks in 22 countries worldwide, XD enables banks to achieve digital transformation and deliver a consistent, cross-channel, exceptional digital experience. XD serves its customers through a 150+ team serving from headquarters in Dubai with regional offices in Muscat, Riyadh, Karachi, Addis Ababa, Singapore and Indonesia.

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