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Welcome to Effortless Digital Onboarding / Digital Banking Made Simple from Step One / Making your customer’s first experience, unforgettable.

Xpert Digital’s digital onboarding accelerator, Onboardingworkx has reengineered the customer onboarding process for multiple segments including retail, corporate, and SMEs to onboard new customers swiftly, hassle-free, and within a minimal time frame.

Our digital onboarding accelerator provides a complete end-to-end, frictionless, and personalized workflow-based onboarding solution for onboarding new customers and providing e-KYC services.
Ensure a hassle-free onboarding process that delights customers.
Minimize the likelihood of customers abandoning the onboarding process with user-friendly steps.
Streamline identity verification procedures for faster approvals.
Minimize paperwork, making onboarding a breeze for customers.
Avoid lengthy waiting periods by optimizing each step for speed.
Accelerate KYC verification, ensuring users get started faster.
Offer chat support or FAQs within the onboarding journey for quick help.
Offer customers a smooth onboarding journey that simplifies every step.
Craft interfaces that cater to users' preferences and comfort.
Corporateworkx is a state-of-the-art, ready-to-deploy, comprehensive digital corporate banking accelerator offering advanced digital corporate banking features including virtual accounts, trade finance, Cash & Liquidity Management.

Corporateworkx ensures reduced deployment time by 50%, end-to-end analytics and a complete 360-degree view of the corporate banking needs.

Provide businesses with virtual account solutions that simplify fund management.


Expedite trade finance processes, from letter of credit issuance to document handling, ensuring smoother global trade operations.

Effortlessly integrate Corporateworkx modules into your existing systems.

Benefit from pre-built modules to reduce time to deployment by 50%.

Enable businesses to offer supplier financing solutions, optimizing their supply chain relationships.

Empower Businesses to handle transactions in various currencies, simplifying international trade.

Empower corporations to optimize cash flow and liquidity with intelligent forecasting and monitoring.

Offer efficient management of corporate cards, encompassing issuance, controls, and reporting.

Customize approval hierarchies to match the organizational structure of each corporate client.

Integrate receivables management modules for efficient tracking and collection.

Retailworkx is a ready-made accelerator built on Temenos Infinity platform for digitizing the retail journey it provides pre-built retail functionality, onboarding, payments, funds transfers, local biller integrations, and an exceptional digital banking experience that is more personalized to your customers.
Initiate loan applications with streamlined forms and easy document upload.
Utilize AI-driven chatbots for quick responses to queries and guidance.

Access accounts with fingerprint or facial recognition for enhanced security.

Offer a customizable dashboard, giving users quick access to their preferred features.

Offer a centralized platform for customers to manage all their banking needs in one place.

Present tailored product and service recommendations based on customer behavior.

Offer mobile check deposit functionality for convenient check processing.

Allow customers to manage their debit/credit cards, including activation and block/unblock.
Enable secure online payments through integrated digital payment features.
Offer budgeting tools to help customers manage their finances effectively.
The Loanworkx digital lending accelerator offers a complete digital lending solution for Retail, SME, and Corporate customers. Loanworkx solution can be personalized and customized for unique digital lending journeys for different segments of the banks. It includes a state-of-the-art loan origination system.

It includes a modern and robust loan origination system that covers the following features:

Estimate interest earnings or payments effortlessly for better planning.

Streamline the entire loan origination process, from application submission to approval, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Streamline the entire loan origination process, from application submission to approval, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Provide borrowers with real-time updates on their loan application status, enhancing transparency.

Streamline collateral evaluation and management for secured loans, ensuring accurate valuation.

Offer digital signature capabilities for seamless and secure completion of loan agreements.

Utilize advanced technology to automatically recognize and process borrower documents.

Facilitate the completion of loan agreements through digital signatures, reducing paperwork.

Provide borrowers with a seamless and intuitive digital journey for submitting loan applications.

Identify cross-selling opportunities during loan origination for additional revenue streams.

Tailor loan structures to individual borrower needs, ensuring flexible and suitable options.

XD’s B2Bworkx business banking accelerator is a corporate business-to-business banking payment accelerator that offers seamless, automated, pre-built integration of large corporate customers with the backend banks payment systems.

The system ensures workflow, approvals as well as compliance requirements and provides a pre-integrated real-time dashboard for both the banks and the corporate customers to streamline and monitor their bulk business payments business.

B2Bworkx is a revolutionary solution adopted by five multiple banks that have achieved the ROI of the solutions within the first three months of the deployment of these solutions.

Offer real-time updates on payment statuses, enhancing transparency and control.

Facilitate payments in various currencies, accommodating international business transactions.

Implement multi-level authorization processes for enhanced payment security.

Integrate B2Bworkx with existing ERP systems for streamlined data exchange.

Provide a Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all bulk payment transactions for transparency.

Automate payment approval processes based on predefined rules and criteria.

Allow businesses to create and save customized payment templates for recurring transactions.

Streamline vendor management by connecting payment processes with vendor profiles.

Provide a centralized platform for businesses to manage all bulk payments in one place.

Allow businesses to initiate payment reversals promptly in case of errors.

Walletworkx is a digital wallet accelerator offering features like digital onboarding, virtual multi-currency cards, QR code payments, P2P transfers, bill payments, and more.

Provide customers with a smooth and hassle-free digital onboarding experience.

Offer customers the convenience of virtual multi-currency cards for global transactions.

Enable easy and secure payments through QR codes, enhancing customer convenience.

Facilitate peer-to-peer transfers, allowing customers to send money to friends and family effortlessly.

Simplify bill payments by enabling customers to pay their bills directly through the wallet.

Introduce reward programs that incentivize customers for using the wallet for transactions.

Offer customers the convenience of making cashless transactions anytime, anywhere.

Employ robust data encryption to ensure customer information remains secure.

Activate the digital wallet instantly, granting immediate access to its functionalities.

Provide wallet functionalities in local languages to cater to diverse user demographics.

Offer instant in-wallet customer support for quick resolution of queries and concerns.

Enable users to make payments using NFC technology for faster and more secure transactions.

USSDworkx is a digital banking accelerator made for the USSD banking technology to deliver uninterrupted on-the-go banking. It offers robust features like Balance inquiries, mini-statements, fund transfers, bill payments, mobile top-ups, and more, all available at your customers’ fingertips.

Empower customers with on-the-go banking via simple USSD codes.

Serve users across diverse demographics with varied mobile phone capabilities.

Serve users with basic mobile phones using USSD technology.

Empower customers to access banking services anytime, anywhere through USSD codes.

Enable customers to transfer funds between accounts using easy USSD prompts.

Facilitate utility bill payments with a convenient USSD interface, saving time and effort.

Allow customers to access banking services even without internet connectivity.

Provide round-the-clock access to banking services through USSD.

Ensure secure transactions by conducting transactions through encrypted USSD channels.

Provide customers with quick access to their recent transaction history through USSD.

Marketingworkx is a ready-made accelerator that entails pre-built templates, discounts management, geofencing promotions, and social media APIs for impactful campaigns.

Reach customers through diverse channels, including email, SMS, and social media.

Streamline campaign scheduling, delivery, and tracking with automated tools.

Access ready-to-use templates for quick and professional campaign creation.

Integrate with social media platforms for wider reach and engagement.

Target customers in specific locations with location-based promotions.

Access all campaign data and insights in a centralized dashboard.

Measure customer engagement levels and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Measure campaign ROI and determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Engage customers across multiple channels for maximum impact.

Monitor campaign metrics in real time to optimize strategies.

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